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Classical massage:

Apply in cases of physical and mental strain. It is relaxing and tonic. It affected skin, muscles, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system.

  • 40 min./30,00 BGN
  • 60 min./40,00 BGN

Therapeutic massage:

It is used in various diseases of the bones - joints and nervous system such as disc hernia, lumbago, herniated disc, back pain, muscle and joint pain, chronic headache, migrena.Sachetanie classic therapeutic massage.

  • 25 min./22,00 BGN

Foot massage:

  • 20 min./15,00 BGN


Full Body massage and facial massage

  • 60 min./40,00 BGN

Anticellulite massage:

Manual anti-cellulite massage, which helps smooth koazha perfect. Rubbing affects deeper. That it affects hipodermalnite tissue and prepares them for mashed. Observe the movement of venous and lymphatic flow. Kneading affects deeper - to the subcutaneous tissue and muscles.

  • 25 min./25,00 BGN

Massage of the face and the neck:

  • 20 min./15,00 BGN

Body & Face:

Full Body massage, facial, skin type according:

  • 60 min./35,00 BGN

Relaxing aromatherapy massage with essential oils:

  • 40 min./35,00 BGN
  • 60 min./45,00 BGN